Agritehnica Service

SC AGRITEHNICA SERVICE SRL sells brand new and second-hand agricultural machines and equipment, original spare parts for any type of agricultural equipment. It provides professional service through our technicians trained by our suppliers abroad, expert advice on the purchase of equipment, trade-in services to buy agricultural equipment, a large stock of spare parts and purchase opportunities available 24 hours a day during agricultural campaigns.

Green Expert SRL

S.C. GREEN EXPERT S.R.L. Iaşi is a private company with Romanian capital, established in 2004, whose main business is to provide agricultural services. Green Expert sells tractors – Valtra, agricultural equipment used by agricultural enterprises, and spare parts. In addition, the company provides technical and financial consultancy and warranty and post-warranty service.


Companies and farmers are able to choose what they need from AGROWEST's range of agricultural machinery and equipment for crop production and potato cultivation, which includes: tractors – Valtra, ploughs, seedbed preparation equipment, fertilisers, planting equipment, seed drills, irrigations machines, combine harvesters, hoppers, forklifts, conveyer belts, full washing and packing lines, automatic air conditioning equipment for warehouses, etc. MEWI dealer for the counties of Harghita, Covasna and Braşov.