Innovation out of passion for agriculture

On the 18th September, in the factory Horsch in Ronneburg, a pre-release press conference took place at Agritechnica, where the German manufacturer introduced the innovations that will be exposed at the exhibition, proving to be a big global player in the agricultural technique. 


Agritechnica 2013 Gold and silver medals were awarded

As one English journalist said, a gold medal at Agritechnica is « a significant feather in the hat of a company ». Those who receive such awards, is to reward the work of research in the field of agriculture, and out of more than 300 innovations sent to DLG, only a few receive the desired recognition. Below you can find the medals received by the represented manufacturer in Romania, exclusively by MEWI.


Gold medals 


Merlo: hybrid telehandler – Turbofarmer 40.7 Hybrid


The first issue of our own magazine MEWI pe roate! appeared

Read us in printable size too.

For those, who still have the pleasure to thumb through a book, we have to tell them that we published, in 56 pages, the first issue, a biannual magazine of MEWI, which includes all happenings and news which occur in 6 months and which merit to be mentioned.

The reason for not posting here in a while was because of collecting information, interviews, product presentations etc. which we wanted to release firstly in the magazine “pe roate!”.



Making a 180° turn for improved ergonomics and more productivity

For most jobs tractor operators drive their machine forward. But there are some applications where changing direction will get more out of the tractor while also improving the work posture of the driver. This is why Valtra has developed TwinTrac – a unique reverse drive system which is available on tractors from 99 hp up to 370 hp.


Working with Valtra TwinTrac increases productivity in a wide a range of applications: on the field, in the forest, on the farm yard or in municipal maintenance work. The operator benefits from


It is our way to celebrate our maturity: developing ourselves

As we announced at the end of the last year, in 2013 MEWI will celebrate its 18 years-anniversary, and the best way for us to prove our maturity is to continually develop ourselves.

The events marking the celebration of the company began in March with the opening of two new offices in Craiova (Işalniţa) and Constanta (Ovidiu). In April 12 we will open our branch in Turda (Tureni) through a field demonstration, where we expect over 150 farmers - if this whimsical spring we /they will allow.



MEWI Branch Opening in Craiova

Friday, 15th March, starts the first event from a series held in celebration of the 18 years of existence of MEWI, the opening of our branch office in Isalnita - Craiova, Dolj.

You are welcomed to join the event which starts at 11 am, at this

Increasing from year to year, learning customer loyalty and dedication to the work from our German parent company - Heinrich Schroeder Landmaschinen, MEWI is now, in 2013, among the Romanian leading companies which provide agricultural equipment.


We launched MEWI - Maşini şi utilaje second hand

Think! They have been useful to others. Are still in good condition.

They have good prices. Why not yours?

In late February, appeared the first printed issue of MEWIMaşini şi utilaje second hand, in which are presented different brands of tractors and agricultural equipment to that farmers interested in such machinery.

Why was that necessary? Because of at least two major reasons.


New Fendt 500 Vario, now in România

Monday, 29 of October, in Orţişoara (Timiş county), and Wednesday, 31 October in Valea Seacă (Bacău county), Fendt fan farmers could meet the latest member of Vario family.


The 500 Vario. Formed by ideals.

With the four new models in the 500 Vario series, Fendt introduces a new vehicle class in the compact standard tractor segment. These tractors offer numerous technical features that were limited to the top tractor class until now.


A Visit to Horsch Factories

Between 25-28 September, a group of farmers, winners of MEWI DEMO 2012 raffle, was in Germany to visit Horsch plants, in Schwandorf and Ronnenburg, and to clang a bier mug at Oktoberfest, in Munich.