When something happens to be damaged, Mewi has the best service and parts logistic.

Billa Blunck



stock service last year, concluded successfully due to our state of the art logistic and qualified personnel directly from manufacturers we represent.


More than 65 MEWI’s employees are working in this department, providing repair, maintenance and overhaul to the sold units, in warranty and post-warranty period.

The different activities in the MEWI’s workshops are oriented towards tests, measurements, replacements, adjustments, repairs, etc.
Members of the Service team participate annually both as trainers and as trainees within training courses, designed for acquiring information about new products and for sharing technical knowledge to MEWI’s clients.

Especially during the sowing and harvest season, MEWI assures for its clients mobile technical assistance, directly on field. In our times nobody can afford unproductive downtime, and MEWI is equipped for these eventualities.